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Foster Success offers a number of ways for teens and young adults who have lived in foster care to play an active part in shaping their own futures and helping improve the foster care system.

You choose how much you want to be involved!

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Youth Engagement Program
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All Youth Engagement Programs

Indiana Youth Advisory Board (IYAB)

The Indiana Youth Advisory Board (IYAB), is a group of teens and young adults from across Indiana who are currently in or have lived experience in foster care. Learn more...

Current Leadership

The IYAB Leadership Team helps set the board’s priorities for the year and make suggestions that will lead to changes in the foster care system. Learn more...


Engage in leadership, advocacy, and personal development with Foster Success L.E.A.D.! Learn more...

Indiana Youth Advisory Board

The first way to get involved is through the Indiana Youth Advisory Board (IYAB). IYAB is a group led by a group of teens and young adults from across Indiana who are currently in or have lived experiences in foster care

IYAB is a safe space for young people to talk about issues that affect them. Therefore, there are no adult workers present at IYAB meetings. All meetings are facilitated by older young people who are transitioning of the foster care system.

  • Attend an IYAB event or IYAB meeting!
  • Join by completing an IYAB Member application
  • Lead as a member of the IYAB Leadership Team

Current and past IYAB members have said their participation in meetings provided them a space for healing and community. It also provided them with the confidence to grow their leadership skills and personal growth to empowerment.

Feel free to attend a meeting and see what it’s all about even before you fill out an application!

How do I become involved in IYAB?

Levels of involvement in IYAB:

  • Participant: Someone who attends IYAB Meetings
  • Member: Someone who attends meetings regularly and has the opportunity to be involved in board activities, has a voice in setting priorities for the year. To become a member, you must complete the IYAB application and attend at least two meetings per year.
  • Leadership Team Member: Attends and facilitates IYAB Meetings, organizes and attends board activities, plans and hosts the annual conference, uses member and participant voice to set priorities for the year and represents IYAB on a state and national level.

Meet the current Leadership Team

Annual Conference

Each year, Foster Success coordinates an annual conference hosted by the Indiana Youth Advisory Board (IYAB) to bring together teens and young adults with lived experience in foster care.

The one-day conference has a variety of helpful sessions based on topics that IYAB members identify for those currently and formerly in foster care, an awards ceremony to recognize some inspiring people, and then wraps up with a Statewide IYAB meeting.


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