Foster Success is committed to ensuring that teens and young adults who have experienced foster care achieve educational success.

That can mean many different things – from earning a four-year degree to completing a training program that teaches skills for a successful career.

Our education programs work with you throughout your entire educational journey. We start in high school and assist with your transition to college or a job training program and then through graduation or certification.

Are you eligible for ETV funds?

Were you in foster care at least one day on or after your 16th birthday?(Required)
Are you currently younger than 26?(Required)

We have a number of programs to help you meet your goals:

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Educational Success Program

Education & Training Voucher (ETV) Indiana

The ETV program helps teens and young adults go to college or complete a training program. The ETV Program currently offers additional benefits during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Education & Training Voucher (ETV) Mississippi

Foster Success currently distributes funding for the ETV program in Mississippi.

Dorm Funding

Students in a university or college and currently in Collaborative Care (CC) are eligible for housing per diem.

College Student Support

Foster Success provides assistance and support to help college students reach their goals.

Fostering Higher Education

The Fostering Higher Education (FHE) is an ongoing college readiness program designed to help those who have experienced foster care as they transition from high school into college.

Catalyst Summer Bridge

The Catalyst Summer Bridge Program is a six-week experience for those who have experienced foster care to explore college life and earn college credit!
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