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The Foster Success Basic Needs program was created to support Indiana teens and young adults transitioning out of foster care who are struggling with any basic needs including housing, utilities, transportation, employment, and health care connections. We will help you navigate all the resources available to you.

To be eligible, applicants must

  • Be between the ages of 14-25
  • Have spent at least one day in the Indiana foster care system on or after their 14th birthday

The three pillars of the Basic Needs program are Solve, Support, and Sustain.

financial support


First, a Foster Success team member will work to solve the immediate emergency that needs attention. This could be eviction, homelessness, childcare, transportation, and much more. Foster Success will determine if funds are available to support a young person in alleviating their current emergency.


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Then, a Foster Success team member will dive deeper into the cause of the emergency. For example, is the young person late on rent due to low wages, no childcare, or other unforeseen circumstances? By taking the time to work with young people to solve the bigger issues, Foster Success can direct them to the appropriate resources. 

financial support


Lastly, a Foster Success team member will guide the young person in accessing education programs to get a degree or credential, enrolling in workforce programs to upskill or find better-paying jobs, or engaging with financial empowerment programs to learn how to manage finances and get access to financial guidance and resources.

*When applicable, we will work with your IL or OYS Providers to access needed resources.

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Basic Needs Support is made possible by Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority, the Indiana Department of Health and these partners:

The Zotec Foundation
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Foster Success | Hannah Milner

Questions? Contact Andrea Stokes, Program Coordinator – Basic Needs  •  463-724-9653

Basic Needs

The Basic Needs program provides 1:1 referrals and real connections to community resources including, but not limited to: Housing, Financial Support, Food, Hygiene Items, Transportation, Medical & Health Needs, and more...

Vital Documents

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When you’re in need of mental health support, the wait time, insurance, and finding the right provider can keep you from getting the help you’re looking for. That's why we created the M.A.P.S. Initiative.

The Insuring Youth Trust Fund

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Park Passes

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