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Credit Build

Credit Build helps young adults who have been in foster care establish and build credit through guided savings. Credit Build allows participants to save $300 while building their credit score. How?

  • Foster Success works with national partners to open a $300 credit-building loan.
  • Participants make 12 monthly payments of approximately $28 each month into a locked savings account.
  • Each successful payment is reported to all three credit bureaus, increasing credit scores each month.

After the loan is paid off, the $300 is returned to you to continue building your financial wellness. We highly encourage you to pay down your debt, open a secured credit card, or build your savings.

Who is Credit Build for?

Anyone 18-25 who has lived in foster care in Indiana on or after their 14th birthday and:

  • Has limited or no credit history and very few existing loans or debts.
  • May previously have been denied loans or financial services.
  • Demonstrates a willingness and readiness to save money and improve financial health.
  • Has not had any foreclosures or late payments in the last 90 days.
  • Demonstrates income or an ability to make the monthly payments.

What will I have to do?

Throughout the year-long program, you will meet with your financial coach 2-4 times. During these sessions, you will receive support in:

  • Organizing and prioritizing paying down debt
  • Monitoring and managing credit
  • Assessing your current financial state and creating a budget
  • Establishing financial goals
Credit Build Process Diagram
Credit Build
money savings

46% of young people report meeting a financial goal.


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Foster Success | Hannah Milner

Questions? Contact Hannah Milner, Director of Health & Financial Well-Being   • 317-504-1503

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Your credit score is a critical part in purchasing your first car, home, renting an apartment and even getting a credit card! The 12-month Credit Build program helps you establish a credit history or improve your credit score, while also saving money.
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