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NYTD Leadership

The NYTD Ambassadors help set the board’s priorities for the year and make suggestions that will lead to changes in the foster care system.

These leaders make a big impact on their peers and the foster care system nationally.

Ambassadors serve one-year terms from July 1 – June 30. Interested in joining the Ambassadors? Reach out to one of the current team members to learn more!

Current Leadership Team:

Stephaney Knight

Chloe Boucher

19 years old
Chloe decided to be an Ambassador because she wanted to be a part of what NTYD does and stands for. She spent the last 6 years in foster care and is currently in collaborative care. She is about to start working on her CNA license, and is almost done with her CDA (Child Development Associate) credential. She works at The Goddard School, but is seeking a CNA job. She also has a goal to write a book before she exits her “prime.” Her purpose in life is to make the best of everything that comes her way. She is motivated to turn every obstacle into motivation and work harder to overcome more. Her favorite way to unwind is to spend time in nature. Nature walks are so relaxing and rewarding. She loves exotic pets, and has a hedgehog named Alfredo and an iguana named Platinum.


Alayna Leonard

Eva Guerrero

19 years old

Eva is one of this year’s NYTD Ambassadors. She graduated high school in 2021 from Beech Grove Sr High School. After graduation, she spent some time working in home health care and afterwards decided to be a stay-at-home mom to focus on both her mental health and her family. Her hope is to return to school one day to become an addictions counselor. Her main purpose in both her personal and professional life is tied together with the hope of providing a safer place for children both in and out of foster care through advocacy and sharing her story to allow them the opportunity to do the same. She hopes to be someone who offers valuable support to anyone possible.

Alayna Leonard

Ethan Moseby

19 years old
Ethan is a NYTD Ambassador and enjoys a variety of hobbies such as reading, writing, drawing, and gaming. He is normally very outgoing, so if you see him at an event, feel free to come say hi. A lot of the work he does is advocating for other foster youth. He hopes he can be a helpful resource going forward.


Alayna Leonard

Jasmine Pulliam

19 years old
Jasmine decided to become an Ambassador because she believes she was designed and created to use the experiences from her journey and past to lead, teach, and guide the younger generations into becoming their greater self. She hopes to reach young people by telling her story and learning from others so that she can become a better leader herself. Her experience comes from mentoring other young people in the foster care system. She attends Central Nine Career Center in Johnson County where she is hoping to become a Certified Medical Assistant. Her north star is to help and heal children and families. She enjoys playing and spending time with her 3-year-old son and singing, something she’s been doing since she was a little girl.
Alayna Leonard

Kayley Thomas

19 years old

Kayley works at a local coffee shop and is currently pursuing a degree in social work. She enjoys the opportunity to meet new people and share knowledge as well as community resources through her involvement with the NYTD Ambassadors. 

Alayna Leonard

Donnesha Washington

22 years old

When Donnesha was in the foster care system, she had no one advocating for her. Now that she has learned how to advocate for herself, she knows there are so many foster youth who can’t or don’t know how to, so that’s where she comes in. She hopes to be that person for someone in the system that she needed growing up. She hopes to help as many youth transitioning out of the system be as prepared as they can. She is a Nina Scholar at Ivy Tech Community College where she is studying Mortuary Science. She will also soon be going back to cosmetology school. Her goals are simple: to be a genuinely happy, wealthy asset to every community she is a part of. Her north star is to help those who can’t or do not know how to help themselves. She loves to read, write, and listen to poetry. She also loves to crotchet and travel.  She is a dance team choreographer. 

NYTD Ambassadors
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I’ve only recently gotten involved with Foster Success, but I’ve already met such amazing people, made meaningful connections, been given so many helpful resources, and been provided with so much support. I’m not sure what I’d do without (them).

– Eva G.
Foster Success | Angel Crone

Questions? Contact Diana Owens, Assistant Director of Youth Engagement  •  317-504-4196

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