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NYTD Ambassadors work directly with the Youth Engagement team at Foster Success, as well as the Older Youth Initiatives team through the Department of Child Services to support youth engagement initiatives and educate others on the NYTD program. 

Throughout their term, Ambassadors are given opportunities for personal & professional growth and are dedicated to effecting change within the child welfare system.

Interested in joining the NYTD Ambassadors? Reach out to our current team members to learn more!

Current Leadership Team:

Stephaney Knight

Chloe Boucher

19 years old
Chloe decided to be an Ambassador because she wanted to be a part of what NTYD does and stands for. She spent the last 6 years in foster care and is currently in collaborative care. She is about to start working on her CNA license, and is almost done with her CDA (Child Development Associate) credential. She works at The Goddard School, but is seeking a CNA job. She also has a goal to write a book before she exits her “prime.” Her purpose in life is to make the best of everything that comes her way. She is motivated to turn every obstacle into motivation and work harder to overcome more. Her favorite way to unwind is to spend time in nature. Nature walks are so relaxing and rewarding. She loves exotic pets, and has a hedgehog named Alfredo and an iguana named Platinum.


NYTD Ambassadors
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Justin Hayden

I’ve only recently gotten involved with Foster Success, but I’ve already met such amazing people, made meaningful connections, been given so many helpful resources, and been provided with so much support. I’m not sure what I’d do without (them).

– Eva G.

Foster Success | Angel Crone

Questions? Contact Carolyn Pool, Program Coordinator - Youth Engagement  •  463-724-9655

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