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What is IYAB?

The Indiana Youth Advisory Board (IYAB), is a group of teens and young adults from across Indiana who are currently in or have lived experience in foster care.

IYAB meetings are youth-led and facilitated by IYAB Leadership Team Members. A staff member from Foster Success supports IYAB during meetings, projects, and other advocacy work.

IYAB offers a safe space for teens and young adults with lived experience in foster care to connect, share, and grow with each other. Adult workers or Foster Success staff are only able to attend IYAB meetings if they are invited by the board.

IYAB empowers members to advocate for themselves and communicate their needs and concerns effectively.

IYAB is the youth board in Indiana that is responsible for advising and providing feedback to DCS on issues affecting those in foster care.

IYAB members will:

  • ADVOCATE on behalf of youth in foster care.
  • TEACH using lived experience to inform others.
  • LEARN how to navigate the foster care system.
  • BELONG to a community for teens and young adults with lived experience.

How does IYAB benefit me?

How you benefit from IYAB is up to you and how much involvement you would like to have with the board. Benefits include:

  • A sense of community and belonging
  • Empowerment
  • Development of leadership skills
  • Career preparation
  • Education
  • Advocacy
  • The ability to impact the foster care system
  • Personal growth and healing
  • A great entry for college applications or your resume
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Justin Hayden

“Being an IYAB Leader has benefited me beyond the board; it has provided me the space to grow personally and professionally, heal from my past, and to be of service to others who have experienced similar challenges in life.”

– Justin H.

What Opportunities are available through IYAB?

It’s up to you! Members can decide how involved they want to be.

Attend IYAB Meetings

These are held four times a year.


Work alongside others who want to influence change by joining a specialized workgroup.

Conferences and Town Halls

Conference and Town Halls are times to connect with peers and supporters on important topics.


Be part of a supportive community of your peers.

Attending or providing training

IYAB members have the opportunity to train others and attend training to sharpen their leadership skills.

Event Planning

Help plan the annual conference and other peer-led events.
You don’t need to fill out an application to attend a meeting! Register for a meeting today so we know you’re coming.

Ready to get more involved?

Megan Trible

Questions? Contact Megan Trible, Director of Youth Engagement

Call or text 317-504-4196   •   [email protected]

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