The National Youth in Transition Database, or NYTD, is a tool for tracking services provided to young people transitioning out of foster care in the United States. NYTD helps assess how states are improving youth outcomes through these services.

The voices of those who experienced foster care play a major role in the data collected! By taking the NYTD Survey, you assist lawmakers and child welfare agencies to identify the needs of young people.  This information will then be used to help future youth as they transition out of foster care.

Want to learn if you are eligible to take the survey? Email us at or text us at 463-724-9655

States can use NYTD data to tailor services to better meet the needs of young people.

How do I take the NYTD Survey? 

The NYTD Survey only takes about 5 minutes to complete. If you have been selected to take the NYTD Survey, you can do this in a few different ways! 

  1. Log in and take your survey on your iPhone or Apple mobile device.
  2. Print out or request a paper copy of the survey, record your answers, then email it to
  3. Call the NYTD Survey staff at 463-724-9655 and complete the survey over the phone.
NYTD Survey
Foster Success Hopeful Teen

Complete your survey and earn:

17-year-olds receive $25

19-year-olds receive $50

21-year-olds receive $100

Questions? Contact us at or 463-724-9655

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