Andrea Stokes

Andrea joined Foster Success in March 2022 as the Basic Needs Coordinator, in which she will help connect young people to resources that will enable them to build long-term networks of support. In this role, she also helps facilitate the operations of the programs related to the Financial Empowerment Impact Area.
Andrea attended Tuskegee University and received her B.A. in History. In 2020, she attended Columbia University through the HBCU Fellowship Program and earned her M.S. in Nonprofit Management. Her undergraduate tenure awakened her love for storytelling, and she is always looking for ways to uplift and empower the voices of others. Her commitment in life is to help develop better systems and create safe spaces for marginalized communities. Andrea enjoys reading and finding the next binge-worthy tv show in her free time.
Andrea uses this quote by Alice Childress to guide her and the work she chooses to engage in “I write about those who come in second, or not at all.”
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