IYAB + DCS: August Virtual Town Hall

Join key leadership from the Indiana Department of Child Services as we discuss important topics related to schools reopening, how to plan for the fall, and updates to services. We encourage youth to come learn, listen and ask questions! 


All foster youth and workers, facilitated by the Indiana Youth Advisory Board Members. Includes guests:

  • Terry Stigdon, Director of the Indiana Department of Child Services
  • Angela Smith Grossman, Assistant Deputy Director of Field Operations
  • David Reed, Deputy Director of Child Welfare Services
  • Anisa Evans, Older Youth Initiatives Manager

This event is facilitated by Vita Short, IYAB Member.


This Town Hall event is facilitated by the Indiana Youth Advisory Board. This is an opportunity to ask DCS questions and learn about what’s coming.


Thursday, August 27, 2020 from 4:30-5:30 pm EST


Zoom. Pre-register here.


  • This space is not created for debate or convincing, but open dialogue and conversation.
  • Please keep the conversation respectful; this isn’t the place to bring negativity or hate.
  • You can keep your camera on or off, whichever makes you most comfortable.
  • Feel free to utilize the chat box to engage, ask questions, or post resources.
  • GOLDEN RULE: I respect you, you respect me

Ask a question in advance

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