Celebrating foster youth authors

Oct 31, 2020 | News

National Author’s Day is a day to celebrate authors and the joy they bring us through their books, poems, articles, textbooks, novels, and so much more. Authors use their talent and creativity to elicit emotion through their writing and can often leave a lasting and impactful effect on each of us. 

Foster Success would like to recognize the youth authors we have the privilege of knowing! These authors have tapped into their own experiences and personal journeys to tell a story and inspire others. They have written stories of hope and inspiration and also taken the necessary steps to be published, all before the age of 25!  We hope you join us in observing National Author’s Day by celebrating and supporting youth authors! 

Release the Beast: Chronicles of Emotions, by Kierra Jackson. Available on Amazon.

The Flight- not the Fall: Thoughts and Poems from a Foster Care Teen Who Triumphed, by De’Coriyanna Garrett. Available on Amazon

Learning From Rose: Rose Teaches Bully a Lesson, by De’Coriyanna Garrett. Available on Amazon. 

Broken Inside: A Memoir of Resilience, by Alex Coronado. Available on Amazon

Writing Behind Bars: Writing From Inside Jail Walls, by Alex Coronado. Available on Amazon.

“Pandemic: I Have To Do My Homework on My Phone”, by Justin Hayden, featured in The Imprint: Youth and Family News

“The Ripple Effect”, featured in Foster Club’s Spark Curriculum for Youth, by Vita Short. Available through Foster Club.

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