Let’s Talk Voting: A Conversation with Rhea Cain

This is a unique opportunity for youth, DCS workers and Foster Success staff to engage in dialogue to speak about the 2020 election, how to vote, and how to get out the vote.


This conversation is open to youth, DCS workers, providers, and Foster Success Staff. Youth voice will be prioritized.


Join us in a conversation with the youth about voting. Learn how to vote, where to get reliable information, and major issues being discussed during this election year. Our host will be Rhea Cain from the League of Women Voters.


Tuesday, October 20, 4-5pm EST


Zoom. Pre-register here.


The 2020 Presidential Election is coming up very soon and we want to encourage everyone to get out and vote!

The ground rules

  • This space is not created for debate or convincing, but open dialogue and conversation.
  • Please keep the conversation respectful; this isn’t the place to bring negativity or hate.
  • You can keep your camera on or off, whichever makes you most comfortable.
  • Feel free to utilize the chat box to engage, ask questions, or post resources.
  • Feel free to submit your questions and concerns anonymously.   
  • GOLDEN RULE: I respect you, you respect me.

Ask a question in advance

Real Talk Questions

Please submit any anonymous questions or comments you have regarding the "Real Talk" Discussion. Please feel free to share personal stories with racism or any questions regarding race, equality and inequality. At Foster Success we find these conversations like this helpful, please continue to have them. Please be respectful in your comments and responses.

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