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What We Do

Foster Success’ mission is to ensure youth transitioning out of foster care are educated, housed, financially stable, employed and connected to a support system by age 25. We accomplish this through innovative programs that help them prepare for and help pay for college, provide financial literacy and match their savings toward the purchase of cars or apartments, and build credit through credit building microloans.

Our programs include:

Indiana Education and Training Voucher Program

Each year approved applicants are awarded up to $5,000 toward the cost of college or career training

Opportunity Passport™

The Opportunity Passport™ provides financial education for foster youth ages 14-26. Participants receive a bank account and $100 seed contribution and savings are matched up to $3,500 toward pre-approved assets like cars, tuition, apartments, and homes.

Credit Build

Employing credit-building microloans and one-on-one coaching, this program teaches youth the importance of credit and how to be responsible borrowers.

Indiana Youth Advisory Board

Comprised of older youth throughout the state in foster care, the Indiana Youth Advisory Board meets regularly to plan community service projects, participate in leadership development opportunities, and advocate for improvements to the foster care system.

Additionally, our state-level advocacy work has resulted in the passage of laws to provide health insurance to foster youth through age 26, extend foster care services beyond age 18, and improve K-12 education outcomes.

Foster Success’ vision is for an Indiana in which all young adults leaving foster care are self-sufficient and thriving by age 25. We hope you will help us make this a reality.

Foster Success

Foster Success