In 2020, Foster Success engaged nearly 200 individuals including Indiana teens and young adults transitioning out of foster care, community leaders, donors, staff members, program partners and volunteers to provide valuable insights and perspectives in advancing Foster Success’s mission. As a result, over the next three years, Foster Success is committed to increasing the impact of our work and expanding access and connection points to more Indiana teens and young adults as they transition out of foster care. To fully achieve our strategic plan initiatives, it will take all stakeholders, community members, and partners to join us in making an impact on Indiana and the teens and young adults working towards self-sufficiency.

We’re on a Mission

to ensure that youth transitioning out of foster care are educated, housed, financially stable, employed and connected to a support system by age 25.

Foster Success envisions an Indiana where all people who experienced foster care as a young adult in Indiana are self-sufficient by age 25.

A Past
Grounded in Success

Since 2008 Foster Success, formerly Indiana Connected by 25, has supported thousands of Indiana foster youth in their journey towards self-sufficiency. Incubated as a program of the United Way of Central Indiana, Foster Success spent its early years focused on supporting older foster youth in the Central Indiana community.

Four years into its work, Foster Success responded to the growing community need as they expanded their work across the state and began administering Indiana ETV and the Indiana Youth Advisory Board on behalf of the Indiana Department of Child Services.

In recent years,

the organization’s impact on the lives of foster youth across Indiana has continued to expand as Foster Success advocated at the state level for the passing of SEA 497 (2017), SEA 366 (2017), HB 1314 (2018), and at a state and federal level for the extension of foster care.

With this progress, Indiana’s older foster youth have increased access to the medical, educational, and financial resources they need to successfully transition to adulthood.

However, there is more work to do.

Foster Success defines the standard for ensuring all older foster youth in Indiana have access to resources that lead to youth connection and success.

A Future
Focused on Inclusion

As Foster Success enters its next phase, the team remains committed to supporting the success of all older foster youth in Indiana and looks to increase access and connection for youth across the state.

In partnership with the nonprofit consulting firm Hedges, Foster Success engaged in a comprehensive research and reflection process to capture the voices of nearly 200 stakeholders who shared what they believe the community needs from Foster Success and their dreams for the organization’s future.

Three-year Strategic Plan

These insights guided the Strategic Planning Steering Committee, comprised of Board and staff leadership and invested community partners, in the creation of this three-year Strategic Plan.

Over the next three years,

Foster Success will continue to prioritize the voices of Indiana’s older foster youth as we grow the sustainable programs and develop necessary resources to ensure that older foster youth across the state are connected to the support they most need as they successfully transition to adulthood.

Our Goals
2021 – 2023

The following Strategic Plan outline the specific goals and strategies that will drive that work


Foster Success is a leader in providing equitable access to programs and resources that lead to measurable positive outcomes for older foster youth statewide.

Strategy 1.A

Adapt and innovate program delivery methods and structures to reduce barriers and increase participation for all older foster youth.

Strategy 1.B

Grow partnerships to expand impact as a provider and connector of programs and resources across Indiana.

Strategy 1.C

Build a system for collecting and reporting data that demonstrates programmatic and organizational outcomes.


Foster Success has a team and culture that is defined by intentional inclusivity and active engagement.

Strategy 2.A

Build unity across Foster Success (board, staff, volunteers, youth) with increased role clarity and opportunities for connection.

Strategy 2.B

Ensure organizational decisions are informed by diverse current and former foster youth voices.


Foster Success is well-known for its transformational work with Indiana’s older foster youth.

Strategy 3.A

Implement a clear marketing and communication strategy that includes differentiated messaging and delivery for each audience.

Strategy 3.B

Invest in systems, resources, and partnerships that make all marketing and communication efforts effective and efficient.


Foster Success is increasing financial diversity and sustainability through mission-aligned fund development.

Strategy 4.A

Dedicate resources and develop systems to equip all Board and staff to engage in fund development activities aligned with their role.

Strategy 4.B

Secure a variety of new funding sources to diversify the organization’s network of support.

Foster Success

Foster Success

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