Jun 19, 2020

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2020 Virtual Normalcy Conference

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The Normalcy Conference is now over

The Indiana Youth Advisory Board presents the 2020 Normalcy Conference, an event focused on adult and youth partnership while promoting normalcy in the lives of youth affected by foster care. This statewide conference brings together young adults, Department of Child Services staff, Independent Living Providers, educators, and community members to learn how to collectively build stronger programs that serve youth affected by foster care. This year, the conference will bring together nearly 200 attendees.

Eddye JeanFeaturing Eddye Jean

Keynote speaker and presenter

Eddye is an artist, national speaker, story-teller, social justice warrior and consultant. Eddye uses her gifts to inspire and evoke healing, connectedness and enduring change. Eddye is a master facilitator, conduit and ally for youth and young adults impacted by the child welfare and juvenile justice systems. Eddye is a compelling and soulfully-driven artist whose purpose and calling is to serve, to create, to connect and to heal. Eddye has worked as a national organizer, and professional background includes work and support in the youth justice, child welfare and restorative justice spaces.   

This year’s conference is going virtual

Year for Perfect VisionThe Indiana Youth Advisory Board, adult workers, and community partners are invited to attend this annual conference online on Friday, June 19, 2020 from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm.

Foster Success is excited to invite you to the Indiana Youth Advisory Board’s 2020 Normalcy Conference: The Year for Perfect Vision. Our team has needed to pivot, and to best respond to the culture of our world and state during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are moving the Normalcy Conference online.

We know this isn’t a traditional format, and it wasn’t an easy decision to make. We will stay true to the heart of the conference, bringing together youth, workers and partners to access information & resources that support the successful transition of all foster youth across Indiana! Over the next month, we will be following up with communication on how and when to access sessions, sending additional materials, and offering support to host watch parties in your community!


Pre-register for two pre-conference panels

Happening online this June 18, 2020

Foster Parent Panel – 10:30 am

This panel is designed to support foster parents in learning more about resource needs and building healthy relationships specifically for older youth. Link to register

Youth Engagement & The Indiana Youth Advisory Board – 2 pm

A nuts-and-bolts session with YAB members sharing what the board is, how to get involved, authentic youth engagement & youth voice.

Event FAQs 🤔

When is the Normalcy Conference? When will it start & do I have to attend the whole thing?
The Normalcy Conference will be June 19, 2020. The conference will open at 10am, include a break for lunch, and wrap up around 3pm. No one is required to attend the entire conference, but we are asking everyone to please try to ensure you’re able to make the most of the conference experience!

How will I tune in?
The week of the conference, an email will be sent to all registered participants. There will be a web page going live, full of conference information, the virtual program, and links to join each session. This will be your go-to spot for day-of access!

What if youth don’t have technology to access the conference? 
Please let us know and Foster Success will work to troubleshoot the issue.

Will youth and workers have the opportunity to interact at all during the conference?
The main session will be set up like a webinar, meaning we will hear the keynote speech with participants able to ask questions and engage through the chat box. Each breakout session will be hosted as a meeting, meaning participants can join with camera and audio. Presenters have been encouraged to make their breakout sessions engaging & interactive, allowing participants to ask questions, provide feedback, and actively participate.

Who is able to attend?
Workers, IYAB eligible youth (ages 14-21, or up to age 23 if part of the ETV program), foster parents, and community partners who serve older youth. If you have questions about who can register, please contact Kylie.

Will there be a stipend given to conference participants? 
Youth who help plan the conference or play a role on the day of the conference will receive a participation stipend.

Are you doing the statewide meeting still? 
Yes! Youth are invited to join us on Zoom immediately following the conference on June 19th from 3:30pm – 5:00pm. We will have a debrief of the conference and look into the future of the IYAB to discuss upcoming programming. Youth will receive a $40 stipend for attending the annual Statewide meeting. Youth are encouraged to attend some or all (depending on their availability) of the Normalcy Conference so they are able to participate in the debrief during the Statewide meeting.

What are the Watch Parties? How can I host one? 
The Watch Parties are completely optional gatherings. We are posing them as an option for providers, teams, or small groups that would be comfortable with gathering in person. Foster Success recommends following the guidelines set by local authorities to ensure safety and health.

If you host a Watch Party, it will be up to your team to provide any necessary space or technology needed to watch each session. It is recommended you have a couple of spaces and computers/tablets to accommodate for youth who would like to attend different breakout sessions. If youth do not have access to a computer or headphones to attend, they can mark so on the application & we will try to work with them to see what we can troubleshoot.

What Foster Success will provide at Watch Parties:

  • Gift card to order pizza
  • Gift card to purchase drinks & snacks
  • Swag bag box (notebooks, stress balls, sunglasses)

If you are planning to host a party and have additional needs, please reach out to Kylie. We are happy to have a conversation to see what other needs we can try to meet.

Do I need to let you know if I am hosting a Watch Party? 
If you plan to host a Watch Party, please let Kylie Fredrickson know the location with the estimated number of attendees (broken out by workers & youth). This will help in gathering the gift cards & materials to be sent.

Can I get swag even if I don’t attend/host a Watch Party?
Yes. We are still trying to figure out the best way to send over 100 care packages across the state in a pandemic, but we are working to make sure all attendees will receive swag.

What will the breakout sessions be about?
Breakout sessions have been identified through youth leadership & planning. A couple of the topics will be: healthy relationships & partnership, education, and self-love & mental health. Sessions will be led by professionals, youth and alum.



(Friday) 9:30 am - 3:30 pm EST




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