REV can help you connect to jobs and launch your career

Eligible foster youth can skill-up, connect to employers, and earn cash with REV

REV stands for “Raising Employee Value”. For older foster youth, that means we’ve done the work to build relationships with employers across Indiana so you don’t have to. And we have one-day workshops that can change your life.

Foster youth who have been in foster care for at least 1 day since the age of 14 can apply. You must be between the ages of 16-23 at enrollment.

Foster youth: does this sound familiar?

  • Have you tried drafting a resume and felt unimpressed?
  • Do you find yourself unable to list references on job applications?
  • Have you been fired or laid off from past jobs and don’t know why?
  • Do you feel unprepared or that it’s not worth applying to better jobs?

Yes! I'm interested in starting REV

Youth interested in starting with REV can sign up here. We'll forward your information to someone who can help you improve your career and financial education.
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There are 2 workshops to REV: Mindset and Launch a Career

There is no cost for foster youth to attend. All you have to do is register for the workshops. We can even help you find transportation. Youth can earn $40 for attending the Mindset workshop and another $100 for attending Launch a Career.

Teen in conference

Mindset is a 4-hour course that will show you the value you bring to the world

When you start with REV, you start with Mindset. As the name suggests, it’s about changing your mindset, recognizing your potential, and reminding you what we already know: you are worth it.

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Launch a Career is a 9-hour workshop  that teaches you practical job skills

After you’ve completed Mindset, you move to Launch a Career. This session is all about the “soft skills” that are hard to learn in school or college. It’s about how to communicate clearly and effectively, write a resume, interview for a job, and more. You’ll learn about job opportunities near where you live, too.

Upcoming REV Meetings

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What kind of jobs can REV help me find?

Morales Group Hiring

The Morales Group is hiring hundreds of new warehouse and logistic positions in the next few years. Pay often averages $14 an hour and includes advanced training and logistics certifications you can take with you through your career.

Buckingham Companies

Buckingham Companies needs maintenance technicians. It’s a high-wage career path that relies on qualified apprentices and skilled craftsmen. 

Indy Parks Lifeguards

Indy Parks and Recreation needs summer lifeguards, plus dozens of other seasonal and part-time positions.

“A lot of programs are created for the 1% — the very well connected. We built REV for older foster youth who are ready to show the system they want to work and bring value to the world.”

— Alyssa Kennedy
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Ask Alyssa Kennedy, Director of Strategic Partnerships
317.917.8940, ext. 110

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