REV can help you hire a diverse, next-generation workforce of foster youth

REV can help you hire a diverse, next-generation workforce of foster youth

Your assistance can start at $400 and is guaranteed to change lives

Employers seeking new ways to attract and train employees, save money, and put energy into the next generation of workers need REV by Foster Success. 

REV, or Raising Employee Value, trains foster youth in Indiana for the sort of connections, soft skills, and characteristics they need to be successful at work and in their careers.

Each part of REV is offered once a quarter and cost $400 per youth. Class size is limited to 15-20 participants. Assistance from employers means new connections for you and for foster youth. 

A partnership with REV and Foster Success means you’re helping foster youth make critical, life-changing connections in industries they may never have thought about.

“We’ve built REV for older foster youth just starting out. It gives them a positive mindset and shows them that the foster system they grew up in doesn’t define who they can  to be as adults.”

— Alyssa Kennedy, Foster Success’ Director of Strategic Partnerships

REV pairs soft skills, connections, and resume writing for $400 per youth

For $400, one qualified 16-23-year-old foster youth comes to a one-day session in Mindset or Launch a Career.

Mindset is about showing foster youth they’re worth it

Foster youth can struggle to understand their place in the world. Without much social support and few professional connections, foster youth may feel relegated to minimum-wage food service or retail jobs for their entire lives.

Mindset changes that. This 3-hour course helps inspire and improve self-efficacy.

Launch a Career helps foster youth make connections and skill-up

The 9-hour Launch a Career session helps young people improve their communication, interviewing, resume writing, and other soft skills. Participants learn about job opportunities available to them and get help establishing their own personal brand.

REV helps employers overcome a tight labor market and participants build professional connections

Employers facing tight labor markets need a new source of talented, young, aspiring workers. With REV, you’ll have a stable way to address workforce shortages and employ people under the age of 24.

“This is a Human Resources force-multiplier. It provides…

  • Vetted candidates
  • A community initiative
  • A young population that employers want to work with.
  • Plus, individuals who have experienced foster care bring a new perspective to the workplace.

For foster youth, one of the biggest challenges they face in seeking work is a lack of professional connections. 

“A lot of young people have parents, family members, and friends of the family that can help them get a job. Foster youth don’t have that. And, foster youth may have exposure gaps that place more barriers in their way.”

— Alyssa Kennedy, Dir. of Strategic Partnerships

Solution: A faster, easier way to pair young people with jobs in logistics, recreation, maintenance, and more

The Morales Group needs to fill 300 warehouse jobs in the next few years. Together with REV, they’re pairing foster youth with mentors who work there, pay $14 per hour, and include advanced training and logistics certifications with a 30-day commitment.

Indy Parks and Recreation struggles to fill hundreds of lifeguard positions over the summer. With REV and the city’s Employ Indy arm, they’re attracting qualified, vetted workers interested in summer and part-time employment for foster youth in school.

Buckingham Companies wants a steady flow of candidates for their maintenance technician apprentice programs. REV not only gives foster youth a job in a high-wage career path, but youth can live in Buckingham’s apartments provided to them while they learn.

Your committment with REV and Foster Success means you’re helping foster youth make critical, life-changing connections in industries they may never have thought about. 

Make a commitment to change your workforce and the lives of foster youth

Make a donation to cover the costs of REV

  • $4,000 means 10 youth, or nearly an entire class, is covered.
  • The individual cost per youth is $400.
  • As a bonus, $100 of that goes to the participant as incentive pay for their time.

“That $100 payment is almost always used for groceries, clothing, and gas. We also conduct the training in one day because the Department of Child Services caseworkers are responsible for bringing youth to Indianapolis. This reduces their staff travel time, expenses, and makes it more convenient for everyone.”

Get Started with REV

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Partner with Foster Success to offer internships, training, job shadowing, and mentorship

Commit to training and hiring Indiana’s foster youth at your workplace

You can help show foster youth what a career in your industry looks like. Whether that’s a one-day job shadow, a summer internship, reviewing resumes for a few hours, or a year-long apprenticeship.

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