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Foster Success has compiled on-site and off-site support for youth seeking non-violent advocacy, minority-owned businesses, COVID-19 financial relief, and more.

COVID-19 support, financial guidance, and testing

COVID-19 tests are available statewide

Find out if you qualify and where your nearest testing site is. Tests are no-cost to you, with or without insurance.

Non-violent advocacy programs

There are a lot of ways youth of all ages can safely make their voices heard. These websites can help you speak, share ideas, and come forward.

Community involvement

Find ways to directly support or volunteer time with worthwhile organizations near you.

Minority-owned businesses in Indiana

Find ways to directly support or volunteer time with worthwhile organizations near you.

Know your rights and protect yourself

How youth and adults can best protect themselves should they choose to attend a protest and know their rights

Full-length reports and data for download

Foster Success is making the following reports and downloads available for free. These reports cover a wide range of foster youth-related topics at the state and national levels.

If you would like to request the addition of a report, contact us.


2020 SBOE Foster Youth Education Outcomes Report

Over the past year, DCS and IDOE have improved their data matching and tracking systems allowing for a more accurate reporting of the number of foster youth in school and their outcomes. This year’s report included data for almost 17,000 PK-12 students in school across the state.

We were hoping with a more complete data this year, we would see a more positive picture regarding the education outcomes of the state’s foster youth, unfortunately, the more complete data set only emphasized and further heightened the continued disparities in the educational foundation that we are laying for Indiana’s students in foster care.

Read Foster Success’ commentary on the report


Kansas City Star “Throwaway Kids” Investigation

In December 2019, the Kansas City Star published a six-part series on the state of foster care in the United States. Through their investigation, Foster Success sat down for interviews earlier that year.

The pieces range from stories about foster youth, adults who have since aged-out of the system, coverage of systems in various states — including Indiana, and outcomes of foster youth.

The full six parts are published here with the permission of the Kansas City Star.


2018-19 Annual Report on Foster Care Youth Educational Outcomes

This document represents the first annual report on foster care youth educational outcomes as stipulated by House Enrolled Act 1314-2018, which requires the State Board of Education (SBOE) to, in collaboration with the Department of Education (IDOE) and the Department of Child Services (DCS), annually prepare and submit the following:

  1. A report on foster care youth educational outcomes, and
  2. A report on homeless youth educational outcomes.

It requires the DOE to develop and submit a copy of the following:

  1. A remediation plan concerning foster care youth, and
  2. A remediation plan concerning homeless youth.

The legislation requires certain information regarding students in foster care to be included in a school corporation’s annual performance report. The bill requires the DOE and the DCS to enter into a memorandum of understanding that, at a minimum, requires the department of child services to share with the department, at least one time each month, disaggregated information regarding youth in foster care that is sufficient to allow the department to identify students in foster care. It repeals, for purposes of provisions concerning the transportation of a homeless student to a school of origin, a provision that provides “homeless student” includes a student who is awaiting placement in foster care.


2019 CCAI Policy Report

The Foster Youth Internship Program, featuring Indiana’s own Joshua Christian (begins on page 8), released this report in the summer of 2019.

The report details personal reflections from foster youth, policy recommendations for Congress and the federal government, issues with current law, and more.


Fostering Youth Transitions: Using data to drive policy and practice decisions

This report commissioned by the Annie E. Casey Foundation and supported by Child Trends details how foster youth are doing across the United States. Profiles in this report support key demographic details by state, highlights disparities across racial and ethnic lines, and identifies ways leaders can improve outcomes.


2018 Indiana Profile: Transition-Age Youth In Foster Care

This series of infographics details the state of foster youth and foster care service in Indiana. This report includes:

  • The number of children in foster care and its relation to the general population
  • Trauma and other maltreatment related to foster care
  • The amount of time youth spend in foster care
  • Reasons youth leave foster care
  • Emancipation rates
  • Services available to foster youth
  • Young adult outcomes by 21

Supporting the Potential of Indiana Foster Students

Foster Success collaborated on this report detailing ways to support foster students. This report includes:

  • Demographic details about Indiana’s foster children
  • Education data, test scores, graduation rates, and more
  • How Indiana compares to nearby states in the rate of foster children
  • Recommendations for improvement
  • Programs operating in and around Indiana for foster youth

This report was first published in September 2019.

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