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Award Categories

The Normalcy Conference Planning Committee has chosen to award and recognize individuals in the following categories:

Please review the categories and complete a nomination form today! Nomination Form.

Outstanding Youth Advocate:

A young person (ages 14-23) who has stepped up to advocate for their needs and the needs of those around them. They are showing up in their life by persevering, moving forward with determination, and exhibiting leadership qualities that are an example to those around them. We know that this looks different for everyone and big leaps begin with small steps. We are excited to read your nomination!

Outstanding New IYAB Member:

A young person (ages 14-23) who has become an IYAB member in the past year and stepped up to advance the goals of IYAB. This new member is someone who has committed themselves to making positive changes in the Indiana Child Welfare System and advocates for their needs and the needs of those around them. They show willingness to learn and commitment to personal growth. They are dependable, reliable, and understand the importance of working as a team.

Outstanding Adult Supporter:

An adult who supports or works in partnership with older youth in foster care. This adult should be someone who empowers young people to use their voice and supports them during their transition to adulthood. This could mean supporting big life choices, assisting in the small day-to-day tasks, or being a constant source of empowerment and encouragement when things can feel overwhelming. These are the workers who show up and are excited to dive in and take on any challenge that comes their way.

The New Normal: Defining Our Future

The New Normal: Building Our Foundation: When thinking of the pillars needed to build our foundation to successfully transition out of foster care, who is someone that champions these pillars? The recipient of this award is someone who promotes the value of Community, Identity, Healing, Opportunity, and Stability. They have empowered or supported young people transitioning out of foster care over this past year to have better access to one or all of these pillars which has resulted in better outcomes for young people transitioning out of foster care.

Foster Success | Megan Trible

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